Technical info
PhotoCrete USA's   photographic
composites are composed of a
high-performance Self-Consolidating
Concrete (SCC) to achieve:
* Design Flexibility
* Higher Strength
* Increased Density
* Lower permeability
* High quality surface finish
And to eliminate the need for surface
touch-ups without compromising the
* Cohesiveness
* Compression strength
* Durability
1. The repetition quantity of a single photograph and/or artistic design
*Repetition of the same image reduces cost  
2. The external outline and application of work (where and how it is to     
    be applied.
3. Dimension(s) and Size
4. Thickness/Reinforcement of work
5. Quality of submitted photograph and/or artistic design.
6. Design Mix (aggregate/color)
7. Shipping Cost and Preparation
Every project is different and unique, therefore there is no standard price
per square foot. Cost is derived from the following factors:
     Once the artwork is submitted we create a digital screen and
permanently engrave the image by using white cement, and a red, black,
etc, granite to achieve the contrast for the image.
   Our process involves placing a chemical in a fine dot pattern
(replicating the tonal patterns in the original photograph) on a plastic
sheet of film, which is then placed inside the concrete form work. The
concrete is poured in and allowed to set, and then the form work and
plastic are removed. This method delays the formation of the cement
mold where the image is located, resulting in an exposed aggregate
surface, which becomes the image.  As the panel is power washed, the
photographic image emerges.  
   The aggregate that creates the image is used throughout the entire
concrete mix and will hold-up as well as any concrete, if not better  
because we use a high-performance Self-Consolidating Concrete.  
How it Works
The black shown above in,
Bricklayer in Motion,
by Edwaerd
Muybridge, is the exposed
aggregate. The white shown is the
cement. Different colors of crushed
aggregate and cement tints are
The quality of the photographic transfer
depends on the
*Quality (300 dpi)
of the submitted images.
When used as a sidewalk inlay, San
Antonio, TX, a high-quality modified
urethane sealeant is recommended to
maintain image clairty; Typically
applied yearly in extremely high traffic
Our photo-engraved concrete can be  
applied horizontally or vertically, for
both interior and exterior pre-cast
concrete surfaces.
The Image is embedded
approximately 1/16" deep
and is resistant to ultra
violet rays
There are no size limitations for our services and the use of tiling
(separate imaged panels to form a whole, is an available option.
Mouse over image to see the tiled
photographic transfer to concrete composite.
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Photographs and Artistic Designs can be
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